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389 : Killroy Was Here

In which our heroes try to make a horror anthology in Sarasota, Florida with the help of the students of the Ringling College of Art and Design. Featuring: -Larry Thompson, President of Ringling College -David Shapiro, Executive Producer -Zifeng Zhou, 2nd

361 : Chasing Denton, Pt. 2

In which our hero provides more A’s to some Q’s at the Murchison Performing Arts Center in Denton, TX on 9/18/2016 with a special introduction by Jason Lee. (Courtesy of An Evening with Kevin Smith: The Art of Comics, presented by the Greater Denton Arts

359 : Chasing Denton, Pt. 1

In which our hero provides the A’s to some Q’s at the Murchison Performing Arts Center in Denton, TX on 9/18/2016 with a special introduction by Jason Lee. (Courtesy of An Evening with Kevin Smith: The Art of Comics, presented by the Greater Denton Arts C

165 : Live Nude ComiCon

Recorded live, in front of people, at the Etnies Clerks sneakers launch party at the San Diego Comic-Con, San Diego, CA, July 23, 2010. (NOTE: This recording was saved by Declan Quinn. The original sound file was severely corrupted; Declan’s diligence did

67 : The New Centurions

In which our heroes confront the civic perils of making a porno, debate the innocence of youth, discuss the responsibilities of parenthood, witness the genesis of a northern superhero team, and try to unravel the mystery of one boy’s vestigal gills.

50 : Gnome Alone

In which our heroes relate ribald tales of corporate piracy, draw upon the scat games of the short and fantastical, discuss the first generation of hand-held games, and reminisce about the imaginary lengths a boy will go to in an effort to secure some fre

43 : SMorpheus

In which our heroes discuss SMod after death, and then descend into the Matrix to determine the reality of PodBabies, post-pod love, virtual weight loss, the power of a crappy life, and whether the virtual world makes a man happier.

41 : Honkey!

In which our heroes get into a discussion of the white man’s lack of reclaimed cultural terms of endearment before launching into an even more in-depth exploration of cultural terminology, try to come up with words to hurt each other, turn their sights on

40 : Ned Smitty

In which our heroes return in a role-playing adventure through porn by casting a late 80’s convenience store clerk named Kevin in an unlikely role of a lifetime, chat about the aging effects of time on late 80’s cinema goddesses, and debate the merits of

39 : Of Berries And Twigs

In which our heroes engage in a frank discussion of inebriation, find out what happens when the Italian Harold decides Maude is a bit too old, and touch on the horrors of Alzheimer’s, how to spend your last 48 hours, the passing of Evel, the vindictivenes

37 : In A Row?

Our heroes go jumbo-length in celebration of an anniversary, using the time to explore a body-snatching scenario and the decision to pod or die, learn the boundaries of a hug, marvel at the cunning of a trapped deer, and plumb the depths of general ignora

34 : Jersey Justice League

The Heroes of the East convene for a special Jersey roundtable, featuring epic tales of early friendship, “Star Wars” summers, a fecal tooth and a mother’s love, a fecal ring quest and a decided lack of love, a friend’s betrayal, how old is too old to at

33 : Life Of Bryan

A blast from the (recent) past, in which a guest hero descends to fill the slot of a traveling hero, as the conversation begins with tales of liquid diet depression before turning towards reminiscences of Jersey – of college writing courses, old girlfrien

32 : I’m No Fool

In which our heroes learn to fear a very tiny water-dwelling killer, mark a passing with little pity, discover why a future in food services might not be the path to take, gift Kentucky with a new license plate slogan, wonder as to the whereabouts of belo

26 : Beware The Hobo

In which a special guest fills in for one of our heroes, prompting a heavy bout of reminiscences about what kind of purchases can set off parental fisticuffs, how metal is metal, what it means to be man-friends in Jersey, and saying goodbye to 42nd Street

25 : Lynching Vixen

In which our heroes spend an unhealthy amount of time deconstructing a Rankin Bass classic, do a “Midnight Express” with a pre-street-date DVD, kill a franchise, lament the loss of holiday-programming luster, fail to enjoy adolescent keggers, get the blue

24 : Rigg-er, Please!

In which the manager of a comic book emporium and a Canadian infamous for overstatement join forces with a newly-minted senior citizen to discuss past mistakes and the fallout of waging body parts, robotic scat games, hipping-up that which doesn’t require

23 : Good Vibrations

The re-return of the distaff, in which our heroes discuss Canadian lockdown & toilet hijinks, reminisce about coming for the first time and losing it in a small town, get all “Sex And The City”, cross the point of no return, make note of body types and wh

22 : Schwalcast

The return of the distaff, in which our heroes talk about the likelihood of running into former intimates at ComiCon, the bending of the space/time continuum in an effort to bed a younger version of your spouse, why divorce is not an option, inappropriate

18 : White Flight

In which our heroes get out of the office, debate purchasing a helper monkey, live free and “Die Hard”, get cut off in one-mile-an-hour traffic, investigate three generations of road rage, delve into the casual racism of old-timers, go “prison” with ice h

17 : Doctor Poo

In which our heroes accept the fact that they listen to “the oldies”, reminisce about a non-dry “Strike Back” set, figure out how they got west, toy with the notion of buying their childhood home, prematurely bury Ed McMahon, pull a multi-person Matt Hoop

16 : Bungpiece.com

In which our heroes rock some poker in the back (and liquor up front), opt to talk about the previous SModcast in lieu of new topics, enter “Jaws” as a length of measurement, enjoy an impromptu visit from a cinematic stoner and discuss his spicey endorsem

14 : On Guard For Thee

In which our heroes cross the border with a guest from the True North, analyze the “Loose Change” of UFOs, posit that even unidentified species worship the Devils, lament the loss of Bigfoot, question Nessie’s diet, theorize how the Republicans can take t

13 : SFodcast (or SWodcast)

In which a hero falls… and gets temporarily replaced by a guest host, one man’s trash becomes another man’s trash at the local flea market, life behind a comic book store counter is brought to life with tales of a questionable customer base, and the war a

12 : A Fat Kenickie

In which our heroes tread the boards and let loose their inner-gay via a prolonged discussion about their Broadway experiences, hold their “Damned” nut, show a lack of respect for tenth grade Thornton Wilder, try to put Snoopy in the pound, get “Grease”-y

6 : Inverted Nipples

In which our heroes lament the death of a cinema legend, discuss the dead and other threats to the environment, analyze where billionaire authors’ biggest nut comes from, catch up with Potise while constantly incorrectly referring to Arnold’s as Al’s, rem

2 : A Dubious Super Power

In which our heroes ponder about C U Next Tuesdays, discuss the death of a human train wreck, compare amateur porn to Elmo, create a platform for Walt Flanagan’s mayoral candidacy, contemplate dalliances with the famous, do bad Salma Hayek impressions, an

1 : Fisting Flipper

In which our heroes primarily puzzle over when “Oriental” became a derogatory term, as well as touch on the following subjects: the very tall, “Pump Up the Volume”, parental groping, the detritus that gets washed off a newborn, the notion of a Birth-Day c

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