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“Give me a little money and I’ll give you hours of filthy oral!”
 Kevin Smith

Wanna listen to oodles of audio both old and new? Wanna watch cartoons, movies, and live shows, some of which have never been seen before? Here’s how to get...


Have you ever wanted to be somebody in Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse?
Well here’s your chance: be a Clerk, a Mallrat, a Funployee, a Yoga Hoser, a Ranger Danger, a Fashionable Male, and more!


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Let Kevin Smith offer oral pleasure to your eyeballs and earballs!


Ad-Free Club Exclusive Podcasts:

Every week, listen to the new shows SMeditations and Cumming Soon: Smovies at Smodcastle! Hear exclusive live shows and Q&A’s from Smodcastle Cinemas before anyone else! 

Ad-Free Archive:
Hear the back catalogues of all your favorite Smodco shows going back to 2007, including SModcast, Jay & Silent Bob Get Old, Fat Man Beyond, Edumacation, Talk Salad & Scrambled Eggs, Plus One, Highlands, SMovieMakers, SMinterview, and more!


Cuck out and watch over a hundred hours of shit to see, including the TKSC exclusive show SMeditations, full feature films, reminiscent rarities, a lot of animation, laugh-filled live shows, behind-the-scenes stuff, home movies, media and more!


Funployees , Yoga Hosers, Fashionable Males, and Ranger Dangers get club only merchandise not available anywhere else! Mallrat level members and above in That Kevin Smith Club get 15% off** all online and in-store purchases at Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, The World’s Most Famous Comic Book Store!

** Discount code provided after sign-up. Must have an account at jayandsilentbob.com and must use redemption code for discount. Not eligible for purchase on select and special promotional items or packages.


Score early tickets to exclusive events at SModcastle Cinemas, the Scum & Villainy Cantina, or any of Kev’s live shows on the road!


A member only exclusive catalog of podcasts, past and future, all commercial free!



Shooting silly cinematic shit for money since his first film CLERKS in 1994, Kevin Smith figured out early on that he loooooves the sound of his own voice. So in 2007, he recorded his first podcast, the award-winning SModcast (with friend and producer Scott Mosier). Smith has spent all his time since then capturing hours of aural with his funny friends, either at home or on stages around the world!


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This year, That Kevin Smith Club will be offering monthly screenings and meet-ups at Smodcastle Cinemas and shooting exclusive and original Club-only productions about the making of THE 4:30 MOVIE, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at a new fan-favorite flick that’s yet to be announced!

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