What’s up, TKSClubbers?

Did you make it to sunny San Diego for the Mooby’s Pop Up / Comic Con? If so, relive all the wonderful moments here at TKSC!

If you didn’t get the chance to come and play, don’t sweat! TKSClubbers always get the goodies. We’ve got sweet recaps to snack on for your oral and aural pleasure.

Here’s our favorite SDCC content over at TKSC….

Fatman Beyond LIVE at Mooby’s!
In which Kevin + Marc cut loose, pound drinks, and talk all the geek news that’s fit to print in the bosom of the Mooby’s Pop-Up.

Hollywood Babble On LIVE at Mooby’s!
In which Kevin + Ralph also cut loose, also drink drinks, and chat about what’s hot in tinseltown in front of a lively Mooby’s crowd!

SMeditations LIVE at Mooby’s!
In which Kevin interviews REAL LIFE MEMBERS of That Kevin Smith Club from the house that Mooby built! Flash that member card and watch your fellow brethren!

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